2020 Online Silent Auction Information

LANP PAC 2020 Online Silent Auction Information: 

Who can participate?

  • Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

How do I place a bid?

  • Step 1. Create a free account – This is so that we can contact you once you win.  
  • Step 2. Visit any of the auction items individual page. There is a box for you to enter a bid, and then press the “Bid now” button to place your bid.
  • Each item has its own closing time. If there is a bid placed within 5 minutes of the auction’s set time to close, the auction time will be extended by 5 minutes. At our discretion, we may choose to extend the auction at any time.

 What happens once I win?

  • You will be sent an email with instructions to pay for your auction item through the LANPPAC.com store. You will have 24 hours to pay this invoice. If the invoice is not paid, then the item will automatically be invoiced to the next highest bidder.

 Have more questions? Contact us.