Chocolate Molecule Sterling Silver Necklace

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Indulge yourself with this Chocolate Molecule necklace hand-cast from Solid Sterling Silver.

Designed with the chocolate lover in mind, this pendant accurately depicts the molecular structure of Theobromine. Theobromine is the natural chemical found in chocolate. Makes a decadent gift for anyone who loves chocolate!

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Each creation is packaged in a jewelry envelope with an art card. All jewelry is ready for gift giving-no extra wrapping required! All packaging is Earth-Friendly and made from recycled paper♻️.

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Molecular Motifs is a culmination of my love for science, art and metalsmithing. I am a certified Art and Special Education teacher and have my B.F.A. in Mixed Media and Studio Art. After teaching for nearly a decade, I decided to make my passion of making jewelry, specifically science themed jewelry, my full-time career. I absolutely love turning an abstract idea into something we can see, feel and wear! The teacher in me also finds a lot of joy in knowing that my creations open up a dialogue and give the wearer an opportunity to teach people about their jewelry.

Every creation is meticulously made to order and lovingly handcrafted in my workshop.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have the opportunity to create something special for you!




My creations are made from upcycled Sterling Silver that is melted down and turned it into something new and unique! This allows me to be environmentally friendly and bring my customers affordable, high quality, competitively priced, handmade jewelry.

Each piece starts out as a wax model. To keep the figure in place, wax sprues are attached to the model and then it is placed inside a steel cylinder. The cylinder is filled with an investment mold material that resembles plaster. After the investment properly sets, the cylinder is placed into a kiln and is brought up to 1,310 degrees in order to burn out the wax (hence the term Lost Wax). The cylinder is then removed from the kiln and placed on a vacuum table machine to get all traces of moisture & air bubbles out. Then, molten metal is poured into the mold to replace the space where the wax once was. When the newly cast piece is slightly cool, it is quenched in water so the investment returns to a clay-like state and is easily removed from the newly cast pieces. Each piece is then smoothed out and polished.

Each creation is meticulously made to order and lovingly handcrafted in my workshop.

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