Louisiana Cypress Art Print - Sponsored by My Wild Blue Yonder

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Rich in both history and natural diversity, Louisiana is known for its coastal marshes and swamps. This print showcases the state's silhouette among a grove of its state tree - the Bald Cypress. Each element of this print was hand drawn. This print looks beautiful framed or hung as a poster.

The print is gicleé printed on archival art paper for highest quality and longevity.

9x12" art print with white background.


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Hello! My name is Rachel. I am a painter, print-maker. When I'm not sketching or painting, you can also find me outside with my power tools building merchandising displays & furniture for my little house. My Wild Blue Yonder is a collection of my favorite pieces - inspired by nature, wildlife, adventure, etc. All paper prints & originals are made in my home studio, and packaged with love.

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